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Lantern Walk
This took place on Saturday evening, 28th October, with 80 young people dressing up and carrying lanterns, accompanied by other members of the family making almost 200 people in total. After hearing a spooky story outside the Well Being Centre Helen led them on a walk around the estate where other members of the SPARK committee had hidden pumpkin lanterns which they had to look out for. Having safely circumnavigated the estate they all returned to the Centre where they had a well earned treat. We were delighted to have the ambulance service on hand and they escorted the group across Southill Garden Drive and showed youngsters around their ambulance. It was a tremendous success and hopefully will become an annual event with more of the community joining in. Thank you Helen and other SPARK committee members for organising this.

Unfortunately the deal with Groundworks has fallen down and so the Council will have to look for new tenants for this area. Because it took so long for the lease to be sorted out government funding to Groundworks had dried up so they were bot in a position financially to complete the deal when it finally materialised.
Gardening Group
If you have any spare bulbs we can plant in the garden or grass in front of the shops please let David Harris have them at 174 Grays, before the end of the month. We shall be having a final tidy up of the bed by the chemist early in October and so if you have any plants you think might enhance the bed these would also be welcome so we can reduce our dependence on daisies, rose campions and marigolds! If you want to help occasionally please let David know as well.
Community Bus update --September
The article below gives the format of the Community Bus service being offered in Southill. Several residents are now using this new service regularly and there is a bus available at 1000, 1200 and 1430 to go into town, but the service is flexible and sometimes drops people off at Morrisons and the Weymouth hospital on the way so please let the operator know what you need when you ring up and they will oblige if they can. There is then a return bus at 1030, 1230 and 1500 and again it is flexible in where it will drop you off. Dawn, who manages this service for us all says " Everyone is very friendly and it is a great atmosphere on the bus. I shall be happy to keep it going for the next twelve months" Although these are the regular times if five or six of you want a special trip please get in touch at the numbers below and I am sure Dawn will try her hardest to sort something out for you at different times. Keep on using it and tell your friends! We have not had to use up much of the support grant we were given so if we run through a bad patch we can keep it going.
Community Bus Service started in May

At the recent meeting of about 100 residents David explained that no commercial company was interested in running a service to Southill despite all three local companies being approached on many occasions and various options suggested. The present bus subsidised by DCC would cease trading in July as it too failed to meet its costs even though these were much lower than a commercial operation, and the County has cut £1.85m of its bus budget.

However all the completed forms about the buses provided us with evidence of a desire to have a more regular service when more people might use it. The time to wait for a lift home was too long and so many people thought it was better to pay the car park charges or taxi fares. With this in mind the meeting looked at the option of us managing a community bus on our own, as many villages are having to do. We are fortunate in that Dawn Walker, the owner of the P D Contract buses you may have seen parked on the estate, and who lives in Southill, was very happy to explore how she could help us set up such a service. Most community bus developments have to find a way of raising funds for a bus in the first place, and then look for drivers, Dawn can help us with both of these. The Southill charity, SPARK, has agreed to act as banker and overseer.

What does a community bus service mean for us?

  1. Clearly any community bus scheme has to cover its costs and so we will have to pay to use the service.
  2. A community bus scheme means we have to “reserve” our seat on our bus in advance and cannot be randomly picked up like a commercial service.
  3. A community bus scheme can pick up from someone’s home when walking is difficult, but more important, can drop you off nearer your home on the return trip as it is not tied to bus stops, although we anticipate these will be used as the main pick up points, especially those with shelters.
  4. SPARK has applied for a grant to help us provide support for the service as it builds up a routine so that individual charges can be guaranteed.
  5. The grant will also be used to support a booking system so that this can work effectively
  6. Regular users will provide a backbone but other people can use the bus on an occasional basis as long as they have “booked”.
  7. Dawn has enough flexibility to get two groups to town at more or less the same time and most of her buses can take wheelchair users.
  8. If it works we may be able to organise a Saturday service and it should continue in the school holidays

How will it operate?

We are  starting with buses being planned at around 1000 and 1200  to go into town, with the 1100 bus still running until July in between. We would assume that this would lead to something coming home at 1030, 1130 and 1230. The afternoon bus will still run at 2.00pm and come back at about 2.30pm until July. If several of you wish to go into town on the 2.00pm bus and wish to come home at about 4/4.30pm then please contact P&D contracts and we hope this will be possible and become a regular pick-up.

If you are looking to make a trip into town it would be helpful if you could ring the day before to book your times and indicate where you wished to be picked up. Users will be given a form to complete when they use the bus for the first time asking for details of your usual pick-up point and contact details.  We anticipate using the bus stops initially but this can change. If you suddenly decide to go into town you can still call the number provided and hope there is a space. If enough people ask for a lift at or near a particular time then a second bus may be provided. As people start using it and get to know who else often travels then a group might decide on different times and as long as we are between 6 and 8 people this should pay for itself, but we will monitor this as we will only have so much seed funding.

Starting –up details

To start the service off we will  charge £1.50 from Southill and £1.00 from Goldcroft. At the start we will operate at this price even if only one or two people wish to catch a particular bus, but if enough people regularly use the service we may be able to reduce these charges.

The numbers you should ring are 01305 779157 or 07970 016851 and you will need to say when you wish to travel and where you wish to be collected from. This line will be open from May 12th. If you fill in a form with your details on  (Address, pick up point and contact details) all you would have to say is the time and your name as all other details will be “in the system”. If there is not someone available to answer your call you will be able to leave a message and a confirmation will be made to you in good time. One way journeys are fine for those who wish to walk one way, as long as they are booked. The prices above are estimates based on the bus being full one way so if it is full both ways so much the better! If a group of you wish to go to the cinema or other entertainment then other times can be considered at this price as long as there are around 6 in the group.

Initially the main drop off  points in town will be at the back of M&S, the back of Debenhams and ASDA. To come home we will initially use M&S, Town Bridge and ASDA. In Goldcroft Road pick-ups will be at either end or at Thornhill Road.

The Service started on 15th May

Update on Youth Club Building July 26th
The meeting on July 16th went very well with around 50 people attending. The meeting became the AGM of SPARK so that we can move this organisation into a Charitable incorporated organisation so that it can caryy out functions and be the holder of the lease for the centre. A committee was set up which will meet every other Sunday for the first couple of months to help establish this new Southill Centre and if you would like to join the committee please let Pete Barrow know on 07741 252302.  James Symonds will be overseeing some flooring works and a little bit of painting through the first two weeks in August to help prepare the building for the autumn. If anyone wishes to volunteer for repairs and maintenance teams please contact Pete and we can then let you know when things are happening . We are hoping to fit some new kitchen units later if anyone has any plumbing skills. We have a long term booking from September with Evolution Dance using the premises from 3.30pm until 7.00pm most evenings. This will please some of the southill parents who presently have to take their children all over the place and it will also provide us with a regular income as we set the building upfor the community to use. Another skill we are on the look out for is marketing the building both for use, or helping us persuade local businesses to advertise in the kitchen social area. We are looking for a new name as although we hope to restart the Youth Club this will clearly only be a small part of the activity we hope the centre will be used for.

Orchard Manager wanted

The environment team would like a volunteer to help us manage the orchard -- the land between the car park and the road. All it requires is a knowledge of when to prune fruit trees and to keep an eye on the trees which Transition Towns planted for us so that we do not let them die in a drought and prune them at the right times. If you are interested in talking about this please contact Ann on 785333 or David on 781660.

Our first daffodil is in flower and clearly there are some more on their way. This first year has been quite testing weather wise and those on the bank next to the car park entrance are clearly struggling a little. However daffodils are quite hardy so hopefully there will be a better display next year. Once the weather improves we shall be tackling the flower bed again. Volunteers welcome!

Planting daffodils

Watch out for these in the next two months. They are just appearing despite the long grass.

We were delighted to have been joined by Class 2 of Southill Primary school who helped us plant around 500 daffodil bulbs in front of the shops and on the entrance to the car park. These should give us a feast of colour in March and we would like to thank Goulds and Wilkinsons for donating most of the bulbs alongside one or two residents. We have added some pictures below but if you want to see more and what the children said about the activity please go to

Southill Flower Bed renovation

 The group has been set up to try and return Southill to the Garden Estate it was planned as.  Anyone who would like to get involved on an occasional basis, or help us plan, please get in touch. The first task the Environment group decided to tackle, was the flower bed outside of the shops.

As you can see from this picture we finally managed to remove the tree stump, the weeds and many stones and planted flowers from many donations around the Estate. One or two members of the team lugged water from across the road during the dry Spring and this autumn view shows the effort was worth while. We will be asking for help on occasional days to re-weed, or to plant next Spring. If you would like to get involved in the maintenance of the garden with an occasional flurry with a trowel, please let Ann Chard know on 785333. The team would like to thanks Caviar Place for the free fish and chips they provided us for sustenance on one of the hot early summer days.

A longer project is to make the cycleway/footpath through the estate an attractive element of the route from Dorchester to Portland, as well as for those of us on the estate who walk around it, with or without dogs. We had a day in July when we started work on making the metre either side of the track more under control so that we can plant wild flowers along side without them being swamped. We were helped by about twenty young people from Budmouth college who were involved in a community day and the mayor, Councillor Christine James, came and cheered them on. We also hope to plant some bluebell and snowdrop bulbs in some of the wooded areas along the path and possibly some flowering trees with the help of the transition town team. If you would like to get involved in this project on an occasional basis please let us know so we can keep you in touch with what is happening.

Another of the plans that we have is to plant over 500 daffodils on the banks facing the car park and shops. The Budmouth helpers in July dug several holes in readiness for this and a class from Southill Primary School  should help us plant them in October. This should bring the Southill Garden Estate alive next Spring. We'll add a picture showing the bulbs in full bloom but in the meantime the picture shows where they are to be planted.

The area above this bank (which will have its daffodils planted on 19th October) on the entrance to the car park  has been planted with fruit trees by the Transition Town project in Weymouth. Once the trees are old enough to bear fruit it is there for the community to eat along with the fabulous blackberries that grow above the car-parking area. Transition Town project encourages using open spaces to generate food as well as look attractive, and they will be working with us as we progress our ideas.

Work on the edges of the cycle way Part 2

We are experimenting with planting wild flowers along the cycleway/footpaths to see whether these will take at this time of the year and how we need to plan for next spring. We also hope to plant a few English Bluebells and snowdrops among the trees and have planted some new trees on the road side of the track. Through the winter we may make the occasional flurry to remove some of the larger weeds so that we can plant a larger area in the Spring. Residents can help in many ways; providing plants and bulbs; helping snip at overhanging brambles; brushing the path afterwards, as well as tackling the preparation of the ground.