Southill Community 

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The Southill Community Website has been designed for the residents of Southill to keep in touch with each other and to have a simple way of finding out what is going on locally. It is being set up by the Southill Action Society (SAS) as a way of communicating about the two main areas of activity it is undertaking -- environmental work and developing the play park. We hope to have information about EVENTS that are taking place locally, such as the Horicultural Society show, School fetes etc and also links to those COMMUNITIES that regularly operate in Southill . (School, church, Youth Club, community Hall etc.) After activities have been undertaken we will try and get a NEWS report on line so that everyone knows what has happened and how it went. We will be talking to local business to see if they wish to use the LOCAL BUSINESS page to advertise locally, and we also hope that this page will be used by local tradesmen that live in Southill and who could provide a service eg plumbers, electricians, gardeners, home hairdressers, cleaners etc. We will charge a small fee for this page which will keep this site sustainable.

Although residents will be able to keep in touch with what is happening by visiting this web site on a regular basis, if you want to be kept in touch about a specific project that you might want to help with, then please let us have your email address and we will inform you directly when anything is happening.

The Society is working closely with Groundworks who will be taking over the lease of Tumbledown Farm between the school and the river. This has been delayed because of legal lethargy at the council but the charity is raring to get started on its ideas. we will highlight their work on this website once it is up and running.

The other major activity that the SAS is supporting is the campaign to improve our play area. You may have seen reference to SPARK (Southill Play and Recreation) which has been leading on this and we hope that as events are put on everyone will join in to help raise the funds we need for some more equipment. Once a community has demonstrated its willingness to contribute to the fundraising and the ideas, bids can be made for funds from various sources. Council cutbacks mean that we have to do this for ourselves whereas in the past councils would have delivered these resources..